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On Tulsi Vivah and other days, Mata Tulsi ji performs aarti. It is extremely auspicious to perform Mata Tulsi Ji Ki Aarti. In our homes, we always have a Tulsi plant. Worshiping and worshipping Tulsi Mata is considered very auspicious in religious belief.

Every day, we all honour Mother Tulsi, offering water, incense, and lights. The aarti of Mata Tulsi is featured in today’s post. Another Tulsi Aarti Mata Tulsi Maharani Namo Namo | Tulsi Maharani Namo Namo is also available.

Any aarti can be used to laud Mata Tulsi’s praises. Tulsi Chalisa for Mata Tulsi’s praise and worship. Tulsi Chalisa can also be recited.

Tulsi Mata Aarti Lyrics Video

Tulsi Ji ki aarti

| तुलसी जी की आरती |

जय जय तुलसी माता,
मैया जय तुलसी माता ।
सब जग की सुख दाता,
सबकी वर माता ॥
जय जय तुलसी माता।1।

सब योगों से ऊपर,
सब रोगों से ऊपर ।
रज से रक्ष करके,
सबकी भव त्राता ॥
जय जय तुलसी माता।2।

बटु पुत्री है श्यामा,
सूर बल्ली है ग्राम्या ।
विष्णुप्रिय जो नर तुमको सेवे,
सो नर तर जाता ॥
जय जय तुलसी माता।3।

हरि के शीश विराजत,
त्रिभुवन से हो वंदित ।
पतित जनों की तारिणी,
तुम हो विख्याता ॥
जय जय तुलसी माता।4।

लेकर जन्म विजन में,
आई दिव्य भवन में ।
मानव लोक तुम्हीं से,
सुख-संपति पाता ॥
जय जय तुलसी माता।5।

हरि को तुम अति प्यारी,
श्याम वर्ण सुकुमारी ।
प्रेम अजब है उनका,
तुमसे कैसा नाता ॥
हमारी विपद हरो तुम,
कृपा करो माता ॥
जय जय तुलसी माता।6।

जय जय तुलसी माता,
मैया जय तुलसी माता ।
सब जग की सुख दाता,
सबकी वर माता ॥
जय जय तुलसी माता।7।

Tulsi Mata Aarti Lyrics

Jay Jay Tulasee Maata, Maiya Jay Tulasee Maata.
Sab Jag Kee Sukh Daata, Sabakee Var Maata.
Jay Jay Tulasee Maata.1.

Sab Yogon Se Oopar, Sab Rogon Se Oopar.
Raj Se Raksh Karake, Sabakee Bhav Traata.
Jay Jay Tulasee Maata.2.

Batu Putree Hai Shyaama, Soor Ballee Hai Graamya.
Vishnupriy Jo Nar Tumako Seve, So Nar Tar Jaata .
Jay Jay Tulasee Maata.3.

Hari Ke Sheesh Viraajat, Tribhuvan Se Ho Vandit.
Patit Janon Kee Taarinee, Tum Ho Vikhyaata .
Jay Jay Tulasee Maata.4.

Lekar Janm Vijan Mein, Aaee Divy Bhavan Mein.
Maanav Lok Tumheen Se, Sukh-sampati Paata.
Jay Jay Tulasee Maata.5.

Hari Ko Tum Ati Pyaaree, Shyaam Varn Sukumaaree.
Prem Ajab Hai Unaka, Tumase Kaisa Naata.
Hamaaree Vipad Haro Tum, Krpa Karo Maata.
Jay Jay Tulasee Maata.6.

Jay Jay Tulasee Maata, Maiya Jay Tulasee Maata.
Sab Jag Kee Sukh Daata, Sabakee Var Maata.
Jay Jay Tulasee Maata.7.

Story of Tulsi ji and why she is called mother:

Tulsi has spiritual significance and is endowed with divine characteristics according to Ayurveda. Tulsi ji marries Shaligram on the Devotthan Ekadashi of the Shukla Paksha of the Kartik month. Dev Uthani Ekadashi and Prabodhini Ekadashi are two other names for this Ekadashi. Mother Tulsi’s previous name was Vrinda, and she was related to the demon clan, according to legend. Vrinda had been a devotee of Lord Vishnu since he was a child, and he used to adore him. Vrinda later married Jalandhar, a Rakshak clan member who was born from the ocean.

Vrinda once informed her husband that if he went to Jalandhar to fight the gods, he would win the war and adore Vishnu till he returned. Vrinda knelt down to worship with a resolve as soon as her husband left. The gods were unable to vanquish Jalandhar in the fight due to the power of his adoration. When the gods failed to overcome Jalandhar despite their best efforts, they sought refuge with Lord Vishnu.

Vishnu saw that Jalandhar would not give up due of Vrinda’s adoration. Vishnu ji took on the appearance of Jalandhar and appeared in front of Vrinda as a result of this. Vrinda shattered her resolve and rose from her place of worship. The gods murdered the demon Jalandhar as soon as the resolve was broken. When Vrinda learned about Shri Vishnu ji’s deception, she cursed him to turn into stone. Shri Vishnu ji turned to stone, but Vrinda released her curse after vindicating all the gods.

By assimilating her husband’s severed head, Vrinda became sati. A plant grew where Vrinda was practising Sati, and Lord Vishnu named it Tulsi and offered the gift that it would be adored, and that my form would remain in the shape of stone “Shaligram.” Tulsi and Shaligram are married on Dev Utni Ekadashi as a result of this belief.

Tulsi Mata Ki Aarti PDF

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