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Shakumbhari Devi is a Hindu goddess who is highly respected for her role as the goddess of vegetation and fertility. She is also known by other names such as Shakambhari, Shakambhari Devi, or Shakambhari Bhagwati. It is believed that she is an incarnation of the goddess Durga and is often portrayed as a woman with four arms holding a trident, a sword, a lotus flower, and a bowl of vegetables. Shakumbhari Mata is closely linked with agriculture and farming and is thought to be the protector of crops and the provider of abundant harvests.

Additionally, she is also seen as the goddess of food and nourishment and is often invoked to bless the crops and ensure that there is a plentiful supply of food. “Mata Shakumbhari Devi Aarti” is a Hindu devotional song dedicated to Shakumbhari Devi. This goddess is mainly worshiped by farmers and agriculturists. Shakumbhari Mata Ki Aarti is usually performed during puja (worship) and it is believed that it brings prosperity and abundance. The lyrics of the Aarti sing the goddess’s praises and ask for her blessings.

Shakumbhari Devi Aarti Lyrics

हरि ओम श्री शाकुम्भरी अंबा जी की आरती क़ीजो
एसी अद्वभुत रूप हृदय धर लीजो
शताक्षी दयालू की आरती किजो
तुम परिपूर्ण आदि भवानी माँ,
सब घट तुम आप भखनी माँ
शकुंभारी अंबा जी की आरती किजो|1|

तुम्ही हो शाकुम्भर,
तुम ही हो सताक्षी माँ
शिवमूर्ति माया प्रकाशी माँ
शाकुम्भरी अंबा जी की आरती किजो|2|

नित जो नर नारी अंबे आरती गावे माँ
इच्छा पूरण किजो,
शाकुम्भर दर्शन पावे माँ
शाकुम्भरी अंबा जी की आरती किजो|3|

जो नर आरती पढ़े पढ़ावे माँ,
जो नर आरती सुनावे माँ
बस बैकुण्ठ शाकुम्भर दर्शन पावे
शाकुम्भरी अंबा जी की आरती किजो|4|

Devi Shakumbhari Mata Aarti Lyrics English

Hari Om Shree Shakumbhari Amba Ji Ki Aarti Qeejo
Esee Advabhut Roop Hrday Dhar Leejo
Shataakshee Dayaaloo Ki Aarti Kijo
Tum Paripoorn Aadi Bhavaanee Maan,
Sab Ghat Tum Aap Bhakhanee Maan
Shakumbhaaree Amba Ji Ki Aarti Kijo|1|

Tumhee Ho Shaakumbhar,
Tum Hee Ho Sataakshee Maan
Shivamoorti Maaya Prakaashee Maan
Shakumbhari Amba Ji Ki Aarti Kijo|2|

Nit Jo Nar Naaree Ambe Aarti Gaave Maan
Ichchha Pooran Kijo,
Shaakumbhar Darshan Paave Maan
Shakumbhari Amba Ji Ki Aarti Kijo|3|

Jo Nar Aarti Padhe Padhaave Maan,
Jo Nar Aarti Sunaave Maan
Bas Baikunth Shaakumbhar Darshan Paave
Shakumbhari Amba Ji Ki Aarti Kijo|4|

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