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Today I am going to write an article on Parvati Mata ki Aarti. Parvati Mata, also known as Goddess Parvati, is a prominent deity in Hinduism. She is considered the divine mother and represents femininity, power, and fertility. Parvati is the consort of Lord Shiva, one of the principal deities in Hinduism. She is revered as the gentle and nurturing aspect of cosmic energy.

Parvati Mata is from the goddess family and she is commonly known for her devotion to Lord Shiva. She is also known as the mother of the universe and by reciting Parvati Ji Ki Aarti Lyrics you will get internal energy to destroy all the evil powers from your life and give you peace of mind to do your work.

Maa Parvati’s heart, known as Adishakti, is very tender towards her devotees. Parvati is easily enamored by her devotees. She grants the wishes of unmarried girls and women who worship and fast on Mother Parvati.

Goddess Parvati is mentioned in the Bhagavata Purana. Kali, Durga’s sort, is thought to be him. Gauri and Ambe Maa are two other names for them. Lord Bholenath’s wife is Goddess Parvati. Parvati Ji’s actions are said to be full of goodness, grace, and compassion. Do read below Parvati Mata Ki Aarti Lyrics in Hindi.

Parvati Mata Ki Aarti

पार्वती माता आरती

जय पार्वती माता जय पार्वती माता
ब्रम्हा सनातन देवी शुभ फल कदा दाता || 1 ||
|| जय पार्वती ||

अरिकुल पद्मा विनासनी जय सेवक त्राता
जग जीवन जगदम्बा हरिहर गुण गाता || 2 ||
|| जय पार्वती ||

सिंह को वाहन साजे कुंडल है साथा
देव वधु जहं गावत नृत्य करता था || 3 ||
|| जय पार्वती ||

सतयुग शील सुसुन्दर नाम सटी कहलाता
हेमांचल घर जन्मी सखियन रंगराता || 4 ||
|| जय पार्वती ||

शुम्भ निशुम्भ विदारे हेमांचल स्याता
सहस भुजा तनु धरिके चक्र लियो हाता || 5 ||
|| जय पार्वती ||

सृष्टी रूप तुही जननी शिव संग रंगराता
नंदी भृंगी बीन लाही सारा मदमाता || 6 ||
|| जय पार्वती ||

देवन अरज करत हम चित को लाता
गावत दे दे ताली मन में रंगराता || 7 ||
|| जय पार्वती ||

श्री प्रताप आरती मैया की जो कोई गाता
सदा सुखी रहता सुख संपति पाता || 8 ||
|| जय पार्वती ||


Parvati Mata Ji Ki Aarti Lyrics

Jai Parvati Maata Jai Parvati Maata
Bramha Sanaatan Devee Shubh Phal Kada Daata || 1 ||
|| Jai Parvati Mata ||

Arikul Padma Vinaasanee Jay Sevak Traata
Jag Jeevan Jagadamba Harihar Gun Gaata || 2 ||
|| Jai Parvati Mata ||

Sinh Ko Vaahan Saaje Kundal Hai Saatha
Dev Vadhu Jahan Gaavat Nrty Karata Tha || 3 ||
|| Jai Parvati Mata ||

Satayug Sheel Susundar Naam Satee Kahalaata
Hemaanchal Ghar Janmee Sakhiyan Rangaraata || 4 ||
|| Jai Parvati Mata ||

Shumbh Nishumbh Vidaare Hemaanchal Syaata
Sahas Bhuja Tanu Dharike Chakr Liyo Haata || 5 ||
|| Jai Parvati Mata ||

Srshtee Roop Tuhee Jananee Shiv Sang Rangaraata
Nandee Bhrngee Been Laahee Saara Madamaata || 6 ||
|| Jai Parvati Mata ||

Devan Araj Karat Ham Chit Ko Laata
Gaavat De De Taalee Man Mein Rangaraata || 7 ||
|| Jai Parvati Mata ||

Shree Prataap Aaratee Maiya Kee Jo Koee Gaata
Sada Sukhee Rahata Sukh Sampati Paata || 8 ||
|| Jai Parvati Mata ||

Parvati Mata Ki Aarti Video

Mata Parvati’s Essence

Mata Parvati’s face is bright and bright, according to the Puranas. Since she is a Gaur Varna, she is also known as Mata Gauri. Trishul, Pas, Ankusha, Conch, Chakra, Talwar, and Lotus are all present in his eight hands. Taurus is said to be the mother’s vehicle. Mother Ambe is another name for Goddess Parvati, who wears a white robe. To worship Parvati Mata we usually recite Parvati Mata Ki Aarti.

Goddess Parvati Ji’s birth

Sati once attended a Yagna arranged by her father Prajapati Daksha, according to the Puranas. His father had made a lot of abusive remarks about Shiva there, and after hearing this, Parvati became enraged and consumed herself in the father’s Yagya Kund. After that, in order to marry Shiva, she was born in the form of Parvati and became Lord Shiva’s Ardhangini by penance.

Parvati Ji and her loved ones

Himavan and Manavati, the Himalayan rulers, have a daughter named Mata Parvati. Ganesh and Karthikeya are Mata Parvati’s two sons. In the Shiva family, several Puranas mention a Shiva daughter and her mother Parvati.

Worship material for Parvati Mata

These materials, according to Pandit Jagdish Sharma, a priest at Bhawani temple, are needed for worshiping the Mother Goddess. Keep a copper vessel, copper lota, Kalash, milk, dev clothing, and jewelry on hand for the Ganesha idol’s bath.

Rice, lamp, oil, cotton, kumkum, Dhoopbatti, and Ashwagandha are some of the items used. Roses, Prasad fruits, milk, sweets, coconut, Panchamrit, dried fruits, sugar, paan, Dakshina, roses, Prasad fruits, milk, sweets, coconut, Panchamrit, dried fruits, sugar, paan, Dakshina

What is the best way to worship Parvati Mata?

In every auspicious work, the first worshiper of Lord Ganesha should be honored. The blessing of worshiping Ganeshji, the grandfather of pleasures, mangroves, and attractive fruits, comes first. Giving God a bath is a good idea. Make a clothing donation. Offer a floral scent that is undamaged.

Now it’s time to worship Mata Parvati. The idol of Mata Parvati should be placed on Lord Shiva’s left side. Please contact the mother. Allow Parvati to take a seat in the bed. Now it’s time to give the Goddess a bath. Take a water bath, then a Panchamrit bath, and finally a clean water bath. After you’ve given the mother your clothing, put on some jewelry. Make a wreath as a gift. Apply perfume to your tilak. Incense and lamps are used to give flowers and rice. It is possible to add a ghee or oil lamp. Perform Aarti after that. After circumambulation, give Nevaidya.

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