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Kali Mata Ki Aarti, Ambe Tu Hai Jagdambe Kali Aarti In Hindi, Kali Ji Ki Aarti: Goddess Kali’s name comes from the Sanskrit word Kal, which means time, which explains why she is regarded as eternal.

Kali Mata, also known as Goddess Kali, is a prominent figure in Hindu mythology and is worshipped as a powerful deity. She is often depicted as a fierce and terrifying form of the Divine Mother, representing the destructive and transformative aspects of feminine energy. Her appearance, however, is violent and frightening, but devotees describe her as a loving and caring mother who is always present to protect her child.

Mata Kali has been dubbed the “strength symbol.” Kali Ji is revered in Hinduism as the mother who kills the wicked. Worshiping Maa Kali is said to help people overcome their fears. Worshiping them makes devotees disease-free.

Goddess Kali is called the Goddess of energy or destruction in human faith. You will be secured from the bad vibes which come into your life if you recite Kali Mata Aarti.

Usually, Maa Kali is worshiped on Kali Chaudas. Kali Chaudas’s competition is totally devoted to Mahakali.  Each Hindu sings Kali Maa Aarti. Kali aarti is sung by Hindus on Narak Chaudas after Kali puja.

Kali Mata Aarti in Hindi

काली माता आरती

अम्बे तू है जगदम्बे काली, जय दुर्गे खप्पर वाली,
तेरे ही गुण गावें भारती, ओ मैया हम सब उतारे तेरी आरती। 1 |

तेरे भक्त जनों पे माता, भीर पड़ी है भारी |
दानव दल पर टूट पडो माँ, करके सिंह सवारी | 2 |

सौ सौ सिंहों से तु बलशाली, दस भुजाओं वाली |
दुखिंयों के दुखडें निवारती, ओ मैया हम सब उतारें तेरी आरती || 3 |

माँ बेटे का है इस जग में, बड़ा ही निर्मल नाता |
पूत कपूत सूने हैं पर, माता ना सुनी कुमाता || 4 |

सब पर करुणा दरसाने वाली, अमृत बरसाने वाली |
दुखियों के दुखडे निवारती, ओ मैया हम सब उतारें तेरी आरती || 5 |

नहीं मांगते धन और दौलत, न चाँदी न सोना |
हम तो मांगे माँ तेरे मन में, इक छोटा सा कोना || 6 |

सबकी बिगडी बनाने वाली, लाज बचाने वाली |
सतियों के सत को संवारती, ओ मैया हम सब उतारें तेरी आरती || 7 |

अम्बे तू है जगदम्बे काली, जय दुर्गे खप्पर वाली |
तेरे ही गुण गायें भारती, ओ मैया हम सब उतारें तेरी आरती || 8 |

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Kali Mata Ji Ki Aarti Lyrics

Ambe tu hai jagadambe kaalee, jai durge khappar vaalee,
tere hee gun gaaven bhaarti, o maiya hum sab utaare teri aarti. 1 |

Tere bhakt janon pe maata, bheer padee hai bhaaree |
daanav dal par tut pado maan, sinh sinh dvaara | 2 |

Sau sau sinhon se tu balalee, das bhujaon vaalee |
dukhiniyon ke dukh bhare nivaarti, o maiya hum sab utaar teri aarti || 3 |

Maan bete ka hai is jag mein, bada hee nirmal naata |
poot kapoot soone hain par, maata na sunee kumaata || 4 |

Sab par karuna darasaane vaalee, amrt barasaane vaalee |
dukhiyon ke dukhade nivaarti, o maiya hum sab utaar teri aarti || 5 |

Nahin maange dhan aur daulat, na tadee na sona |
hum to maange maan tere man mein, ik chhota sa kona || 6 |

Sabke bigadee banaane vaalee, laaj bachaane vaalee |
satiyon ke sat ko sanvaarti, o maiya hum sab utaar teri aarti || 7 |

Ambe tu hai jagadambe kaalee, jai durge khappar vaalee |
tere hee gun gavaah bhaartiyon, o maiya hum sab utaaren teri aarti || 8 |

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Benefits Of Maa Kali Aarti

Maa Kali is the foundation of all life. In Kali, all of life’s dualities, the light and the shadow, the beautiful and the terrifying, are unified and reconciled. Chanting the Maa Kali Ji Ki Aartii Mantra protects an individual from the following:

  • Evil spirits and black magic
  • Diseases that are incurable and sickness that lasts a long time
  • Massive debts have resulted in severe poverty.
  • Personal and technical betrayals, losses, and impediments
  • Defamation stemming from unknown sources
  • Unfortunate and painful circumstances

The recitation of the Jai Maa Kali Aarti is said to have incredible power to transform all wrongs into rights. Kali is the highest, most abstract form of divinity in the hierarchy of manifestations. To receive Maa Kaali’s divine blessings, one must let go of all biases and inhibitions, as well as all attachments, including those to ideas and concepts.

The benefits of worshiping Mother Kali have been stated in astrology as well. The wrath of Rahu and Ketu is said to be healed by worshiping the black mother. At the same time, Mother Kali annihilates her devotee’s foes. Her aarti is particularly important in Goddess Kali’s worship. We’ve got you Mother Kali’s Aarti.

Maa Kali is always on the lookout for evil powers and is always on the side of good people. As a result, reciting this aarti will protect you from negative forces.

This is the Mahakali Aarti, a prayer recited after performing a Mahadevi Kali Mata puja (ritual). It typically marks the end of the ritual and usually occurs just before the Shantipath (prayer of peace and well-being). A thalia (sacred prayer tray) will be placed there.

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