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It is believed that the Dhanvantari Gayatri Mantra is a Hindu prayer which dedicates to Lord Dhanvantari one of the Hindu goddesses of the Ayurvedic system as well as medicine. Dhanvantari is believed to be an incarnation of Lord Vishnu as well as believed to have come out of the milky ocean at the time of the Samudra Manthan (Churning of the Ocean) with an amrita pot (elixir for immortality) on one hand, and an understanding of Ayurvedic scientific method in another.

It is believed that the Dhanvantari Gayatri Mantra is believed to bring blessings to good longevity, good health, and spiritual well-being. It is often chanted by Ayurvedic practitioners and students of Ayurveda and people who want to improve their mental and physical well-being.

According to the Bhagavata Purana, on Lord Vishnu’s orders, the gods and demons forged an agreement and, in order to obtain divine ingredients, both erected the Mandaranchal mountain in Kshirsagar and churned the serpent Vasuki with a rope.

Lord Dhanvantari emerged from Kshirsagar with the nectar urn during the churning of the ocean. Before sipping the nectar, the Asuras seized it from the deities and began arguing amongst themselves.

In Nellauvai, Kerala, there is a big and majestic temple dedicated to Lord Dhanvantari. This temple is well-known throughout India. Devotees get God’s blessings and pray for health on Dhanteras by adoring him and reciting Dhanvantari God Mantra

Dhanvantari Gayatri Mantra in Hindi Lyrics

| धन्वंतरि मंत्र |

|| मूल मंत्र ||
ॐ श्री धन्वंतरि नमः |
Om Shri Dhanvantari Namah |

उपचार के लिए शक्तिशाली धन्वंतरि मंत्र – Mantra for Good Health

मंत्र 1

ॐ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय धन्वन्तरये, अमृत कलश हस्ताय |
सर्वामय विनाशाय, त्रैलोक्य नाथाय महाविष्णवे नमः ||1||
Om Namo Bhagwate Vasudevaya Dhanvantraye, Amrit Kalash Hastaya |
Sarvamayya Vinashaya, Trialokya Nathaya Mahavishnave Namah || 1 ||

मंत्र 2

ॐ नमो भगवते महा सुदर्शनाय वासुदेवाय धन्वन्तरये, अमृत कलश हस्ताय |
सर्वाभय विनाशाय सर्वरोग निवारणाय, त्रैलोक्य पतये त्रैलोक्य नाथाय |
श्री महाविष्णवे स्वरूपाय श्री धन्वंतरि स्वरूपाय, श्री श्री औषध चक्र नारायणाय नमः ||2||
Om Namo Bhagavate Maha Sudarshanay Vasudevaya Dhanvantaraye, Amrit Kalash Hastay |
Sarvabhaya Vinashaya Sarvarog Nirvayanaya, Trailokya Patye Trailokya Nathaya |
Sri Mahavishnave Swaroopay Shri Dhanvantari Swaroopay, Sri Sri Aushadha Chakra Narayana Namah || 2 ||

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