Brihaspati Dev Ki Aarti | बृहस्पति देव की आरती

Today I am going to write an article on Brihaspati Dev Ki Aarti. Brihaspati Bhagwan ki Aarti (also known as Guru Aarti) is a Hindu ritual for the worship of Lord Brihaspati. He is also considered the planet Jupiter in Astrology and is often called the Guru of the Gods. Devaguru is another name for him, meaning “the teacher to the gods”.

Thursdays are traditionally the day Lord Brihaspati is associated with, so the aarti is usually performed on Thursdays. You can perform it in the morning or at night. It is considered to be auspicious to do it with devotion, concentration, and focus.

The Aarti can be used to ask Lord Brihaspati for blessings. He is believed to grant wisdom, knowledge, and success in education as well as business. Reciting the Brihaspati Ji Ki Aarti often is believed to help alleviate problems and bring positive change into one’s life.

Those people whose marriage is getting delayed, who are not in harmony with their life partner, are also advised to keep the Guru happy. Devotees get special benefits by performing the aarti of Guru Brihaspati on Thursday.

By reciting Brihaspativar Ki Aarti you will get internal peace to solve every problem and also your thoughts will move towards positivity in life for doing any work.

Brihaspati Dev Ki Aarti

बृहस्पति देव की आरती

ॐ जय बृहस्पति देवा, जय बृहस्पति देवा।
छिन-छिन भोग लगाऊं, कदली फल मेवा।। 1 ।।
ॐ जय बृहस्पति देवा।।

तुम पूर्ण परमात्मा, तुम अंतर्यामी।
जगतपिता जगदीश्वर, तुम सबके स्वामी।। 2 ।।
ॐ जय बृहस्पति देवा।।

चरणामृत निज निर्मल, सब पातक हर्ता।
सकल मनोरथ दायक, कृपा करो भर्ता।। 3 ।।
ॐ जय बृहस्पति देवा।।

तन, मन, धन अर्पण कर, जो जन शरण पड़े।
प्रभु प्रकट तब होकर, आकर द्वार खड़े।। 4 ।।
ॐ जय बृहस्पति देवा।।

दीनदयाल दयानिधि, भक्तन हितकारी।
पाप दोष सब हर्ता, भव बंधन हारी।। 5 ।।
ॐ जय बृहस्पति देवा।।

सकल मनोरथ दायक, सब संशय तारो।
विषय विकार मिटाओ, संतन सुखकारी।। 6 ।।
ॐ जय बृहस्पति देवा।।

जो कोई आरती तेरी प्रेम सहित गावे।
जेष्टानंद बंद सो-सो निश्चय पावे।। 7 ।।
ॐ जय बृहस्पति देवा।।

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Brihaspati Dev Aarti Lyrics

Om Jai Brihaspati Deva, Jai Brihaspati Deva.
Chhin-chhin Bhog Lagaoon, Kadalee Phal Meva.1
Om Jai Brihaspati Deva.

Tum Poorn Paramaatma, Tum Antaryaamee.
Jagatapita Jagadeeshvar, Tum Sabake Svaamee.2
Om Jai Brihaspati Deva.

Charanaamrt Nij Nirmal, Sab Paatak Harta.
Sakal Manorath Daayak, Krpa Karo Bharta.3
Om Jai Brihaspati Deva..

Tan, Man, Dhan Arpan Kar, Jo Jan Sharan Pade.
Prabhu Prakat Tab Hokar, Aakar Dvaar Khade.4
Om Jai Brihaspati Deva.

Deenadayaal Dayaanidhi, Bhaktan Hitakaaree.
Paap Dosh Sab Harta, Bhav Bandhan Haaree.5
Om Jai Brihaspati Deva.

Sakal Manorath Daayak, Sab Sanshay Taaro.
Vishay Vikaar Mitao, Santan Sukhakaaree.6
Om Jai Brihaspati Deva.

Jo Koee Aaratee Teree Prem Sahit Gaave.
Jeshtaanand Band So-so Nishchay Paave.7
Om Jai Brihaspati Deva.

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