4 Best Indian Mythology Books: You Must Read In 2023

Do you like to read Indian mythological fiction? Are you looking for some recommendations on which are the 4 Best Indian Mythology Books? I am going to talk about some of the best mythological fiction books now. Before we dive in, it’s important to note that these are simply the finest books on Indian mythology that I’ve personally come across. Throughout my reading journey, I’ve encountered my fair share of not-so-great mythological fiction as well.

I have read some books which I really want to talk about today and tell you like really these are the really good once Indian mythological fiction so I am not saying that this is like the comprehensive list because yes they can be a lot of books which I haven’t read yet but are so good but I feel like these 4 Mythological Books are the also though once which you should not miss reading.

4 Best Indian Mythology Books

Book 1: Ajaya Series By Anand Neelakantan

So on the top spot, there is the book named “Rise Of The Kali” and “Roll Of The Dice” From the Ajaya Series. The best thing about the Ajaya series is this book is a retelling of Mahabharata from Duryodhana’s perspective these are like two thick books that have an elaborate plot of the entire Mahabharata within an entirely different perspective. I am very particular about mythology and I do not want anybody to insulted honestly all the books that I am going to recommend to you none of them are insulting mythology of any kind and in any possible wage way but they give it a very nice perspective and I feel like as a reader you should always keep your self open to a new perspective and this book really really does that it has amazing writing style and it has this big plot will keep you occupied for a long time and will give you an experience that you will cherish forever so yes read this book Ajay series like its a doxology and you will fall in love with reading this book for sure I am amazed.

Book 2: The Palace Of Illusions By Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni

The second spot that comes on our list is “The Palace of Illusions”. Many Mahabharata retellings exist in India at this time a lot of the super amazing and one of those is The Palace of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee now this is Mahabharata from Dropadi perspective it is a narrator in this book she tells you the entire story from her perspective it’s so so so good it’s enjoyable it’s written so well the plot like even when we know the entire plot of Mahabharata the way it happened in this one I feel like there are some since which I didn’t know actually were there in the Mahabharata or may I didn’t remember I am not like this you know person who’s a lot about Mahabharata but I actually really enjoyed reading this book and I felt like I was reading a completely new story it totally felt like that it so amazing so if you haven’t read it which you should have read because this was the part of book love to read you haven’t still read it make sure you read it now right now I mean now.

Book 3: Sita Warrior Of Mithila By Amish

How could I forget the author who wrote the mythological fiction revolution in the country has also come with “Sita: Warrior of Mithila” by Amish Tripathi. This novel has also be included in some of the best Indian mythology novels. What I am going to recommend to you is this series now I have read the first book of the Shiva trilogy and I feel like I didn’t read it with the right perspective so I am plain to read it again very soon and finish it then talk about it first of all the series is written in a manner that you not you do not have the read this one scion of Ishvaku which is first one to read this one so you can just read this one as an entirely different story.

Forget about very much possible and like do not want to read “Sita: Warrior Of Mithila” before reading “Scion Of Ikshvaku” because this is one you will really love like there is no way you cannot love this is the story of Sita this fears this powerful character and you will love following you will like anybody who loves strong female characters you will just fall in love with this book and this is more like a preachy book and you can read it. I feel like once you finish reading it you will be like to read “Sita Warrior Of Mithila” as well but you may not like it that much so this one is really good after these they would be a book which would be like entire the whole the same event would happen but it would be narrated by Raavan and then all the three books will meet like there is this one event after which they would be like the whole series like Amish Tripathi has actually explained to the whole concept at the beginning of this book so you can pick it up and then understand how this series is gonna happen because its way to amazing to missed up.

Book 4: Kalki By Kevin Missal

Last but not least on the list of Best Indian Mythology Books. The book which I really love because of you know the kind of effort that has been put into making the plot into writing the book “Kalki”, Kevin Missal writing I feel like comes naturally but the plot is something you need to work on the character his something you need to work on and I really loved this book for everything that was put it do it like the plot the characters and obviously writing comes naturally I said it so this one is the book which is by Kalki by Kevin Missal from the look and feel of the book to the actual content of the book.

I absolutely loved it I think I have talked way too much about Kalki because its a book which I really loved its such a feel-good read it was kind of really surprising for me to see a self publish kind of self-published author to write such a nice book which is why it’s even closer to my heart because you know when you see a good publisher and you are like okay this is gone a be a good book and if we turn about bad it happens but you know with self-published authors most of the books turn out bad and only a few ago good and this is way too amazing now I actually am picked up by another publishing house which is again very amazing so this is why I kind of feel you know and extra love for this book I am really impressed with the efforts that have been put in do it and I really impressed.


Anyways these are the 4 Best Indian Mythology Books which are let me pick these up okay just a second these are actually quite heavy which kind of makes me feel really good I don’t you guys think that there are very few long books I know some literary fiction which is there a which are quite long but otherwise people who love to read Hindu mythology will also love these 4 best books on Hindu mythology, you know Indian books are quite short and that can a makes me feel bad, okay but these are like so thick and comfortable for long use.

If you have read all of this book and if you haven’t read any of these like what are you waiting for just go and pick up these books these are totally amazing and you will have a great time. Thank you!

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